General Education Certificate of Completion

General education is a required component of any associate (AA/AS) or bachelor’s (BS) degree in Utah’s public colleges and universities. Students must take at least 34 college credits in core courses such as English, math, science, and history to complete their general education requirements. General education courses help students become well-rounded, expose them to different subjects, and ensure they have a strong foundation of critical thinking and communication skills.

Salt Lake Community College and Snow College offer certificates of completion for general education. This certificate is transferable, and by completing the certificate, students will meet all lower-division general education requirements for an associate (AA/AS) or bachelor’s degree at Utah’s public colleges and universities.

It is best for concurrent enrollment students to discuss their options with their high school counselor and college advisor to create a plan for completion and choose the best courses to take that will meet as many high school graduation requirements as possible.

Snow College General Education Certificate of Completion through IVC

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