Associates of Science (AS) of General Studies

Associate of General Studies (AGS) programs offered by 2-year institutions do not always have a specific concentration, though this varies by school. These programs are often designed for the student who plans to transfer to a four year degree program.

The courses required for an AGS degree do not always prepare students for a specific career, though there are some concentrations that do. The skills and attributes that might be developed in an AGS program include written and verbal communication, increased literacy and mathematical ability, critical thinking and broad educational knowledge.

Associate degree programs in general studies are not typically designed to lead to any particular career, and in most cases are specifically designed for students without particular career goals. Programs may allow students to focus on specific subjects that could be useful in future careers or for transfer to 4-year educational programs.

For some students, the Associate of General Studies degree is a springboard to a 4-year institution. Students planning on taking this route should begin their planning early to make certain that specific courses will grant transfer credits to the destination college or university. Graduates of AGS programs could be prepared for a wide variety of bachelor’s degree options, including studies in graphic design, criminal justice or education.

Associate’s Degree Requirements

Snow College – 3.04a Snow College GE Associates of Science Wkst

Salt Lake Community College – 3.04c SLCC Gen Ed for AS, AA, or Certificate of Completion

Associates Degree Planning Worksheets

Snow College – 3.05a Snow AS Degree Semester Planning Worksheet

Salt Lake Community College – 3.05b SLCC AS Degree Semester Planning Worksheet